About Us

[SOUTH] is an alliance oriented around trade and mutual defense. We are an eclectic mix of the old and the new, primarily seeking mature players with well developed cities, we also selectively recruit new players and help them grow via something we call “The Chimera Project,” which was invented here, and, so far as we know, is the only project of its kind in all of Illyriad. Our goals are simply peace and security for all of Illyriad, but primarily in our sphere of influence, which is the Kingdom’s southern coast, from Kumala to Talimar. We believe everyone here deserves the chance to thrive in peace. We seek to think locally and trade globally, and by doing so, hope to see our influence grow and expand over time. Our main, overriding interest is in Kumala. We don’t put much stock in the comings and doings in far flung parts of the Realm, though we are quick to answer the call for aid, should one be made by our friends around Illyriad.

Simply put, if you are content to leave us as you find us, in peace, then we are content to do likewise, but should you threaten our interests in the Southlands, or the interests of our friends, you will find us to be tenacious opponents indeed.

** Bad Company Does Not Exist.

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[SOUTH] is always on the lookout for like-minded, active players, but admission ought not be taken for granted. Contact Velociryx, Takumi, or Kleodora if you’d like to be considered and tell us something about yourself.


Note that [SOUTH] is primarily interested in recruiting active members. If you plan to be away for more than a week, let Velociryx or Takumi know via In-Game mail. Players who go inactive for more than a week without letting anyone know may be subject to farming!


We try to minimize our entanglements, so unless you can give us a compelling reason why we need to formalize relations with you, we’ll likely be reluctant to do so. If such a relationship can be mutually beneficial, we are, of course, quick to extend the hand of friendship in a formal way. Otherwise, you can rest assured that you have little to fear from us, unless you attempt to enslave or control Kumala, or infringe on the rights of our friends.

Specifically, be aware of the following:

  • We prefer diplomatic solutions to force of arms, but are willing to fight to protect what is ours. If you are the victim of what you feel to be an unprovoked attack, contact Velociryx or Takumi, and explain the situation. We will give the matter a fair hearing and all due consideration, and if you were wronged, you will be generously compensated for any losses that may have been incurred. Having said that…
  • Acts of aggression in Kumala, even against neutrals or smaller players who are unaligned with us are not condoned or tolerated. We will not interfere where we are not wanted, but if the victim of the attack seeks aid, we will be only too happy to respond to the best of our combined abilities.
  • Diplomatic actions (thievery, assassination, sabotage, etc) against any member of our alliance are considered acts of hostility and we reserve the right to respond to these in unlimited fashion.
  • Violation of our sovereign territory is considered an act of war and we reserve the right of unlimited response should this occur.
  • Attempts to disrupt our trade is considered hostile action and we reserve the right of unlimited response should this occur.
  • We don’t have a ten tile, or even a five tile rule. If we want it, we’ll claim sovereignty over it. If you want it, do likewise.
    **Update to this policy: 11.26.2012. With the alliance “Pending (soon)” we WILL honor the ten tile convention, and we will hold them to it. With that alliance and that alliance only, any city founded within ten tiles of one of ours will be considered an act of aggression unless prior permission has been granted first. We will likewise seek permission before settling closer than ten tiles distant to their cities.
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