Argenia sold to Velociryx for Undisclosed Amount!

In an important development on Devil’s Isle today, the City of Argenia has been peacefully handed over to Velociryx in exchange for an undisclosed sum.

Settlers were standing by, and this immediately led to the settlement of a new town, Vestford, further north of Argenia.

“I’ve reached the northen extent.” Velociryx told a small gathering of reporters. “This is where we stop in the north. And now that this has been accomplished, it’s time to turn to…other matters.”

Rumors have been swirling for months that, due to the previous aborted attempts at negotiating a peaceful settlement of the provacative land claim in the Ancient Forest southeast of Parthaway (-896, -636) and the rebuffed offers to purchase the city of KV Kumala, that stronger measures might be considered.

Could this statement be a prelude to that, or are there other matters currently before the young alliance?

At the moment, there are more questions than answers, but we will keep you posted.

~Nicholas Hanby, reporting for the Blind Scribe


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