It’s been a busy time in south eastern Devil’s Island (Kumala), and the signs of this alliance’s continued growth and expansion are everywhere.

“We’ve entered into a pretty exciting phase.” Velociryx told us. “Three of our cities, Kell, EastGate, and Cloudpeak, have matured sufficiently to begin casting their collective eyes outside the bounds of the city proper, and into the lands surrounding them. Over the last several weeks, we’ve had survey crews–under guard, of course–out marking off new territory…by month’s end, we hope to have doubled the amount of land we currently lay claim to, and doubling it again after that is not out of the question.”


He was silent on whether or not the alliance planned to claim the whole of Devil’s Island for themselves, saying only that “we’ll do what makes the most sense for us to do, in terms of facilitating our mutual defense, but look…it’s a very big island, and we can’t even lay claim to the whole of our little peninsula….”

Vel was also largely silent on the matter of the grove of ancient trees [-896, -636] currently claimed by another group.

“Well, clearly it’s troubling.” He told our reporter on the scene. “Being so close to the city of Parthaway, we, of course, feel that we’d be within our rights to lay claim to it, but we’ve been exploring other options. Ideally, we’d like to purchase not only the grove, but the whole city that’s laying claim to it, so we can open up settlement opportunities in the southern portion of the peninsula, all the way to Shimmering, but so far, those efforts have been brushed aside, so…we’ll see.”

We’ll see indeed. This could be a thorny challenge for the young alliance. It will be interesting to see how things develop in the months ahead.

One thing is certain though. The alliance is becoming increasingly entrenched on Devil’s Island, and is apparently determined to not only tame the land, but also, to make it a permanent home.

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