The Iron League – A Nation Building Proposal

We have seen numerous attempts at nation building and Federation in Illyriad…some successful (Crows, The Colony, Night Fed, etc), and some not (Consone most recently, but there have been others that started well and never actually “went anyplace”).

Having drawn from the lessons learned from these (both successes and failures), I would like to submit the Iron League as the logical “step” in the evolution of nation building in Elgea.

The league will be dedicated to the principles of fair play, peace, and prosperity for all…values which mirror those espoused by the Illyriad community at large. We will strive to be a force serving the community and the common good, in the hopes of doing our part to help to maintain a fun environment for newcomers (not necessarily threat-free, as this is, at least in part, a war game), but an environment free from bullying.

Structure & Identity:
League members will display a “badge” signifying that they are part of the League. This badge can be found on the Alliance Profile of the Southland Sentinels [SOUTH], and if it is updated at any point, the most up to date version of it will always be found there.

All League members are asked to help see to the common defense. As such, we ask that the “fifth” commander slot for all League members be designated as “The Legion” and be a part of the standing army of the League. Note that this is a request, and is purely on the “Honor System.” Having said that, this is one way we can clearly differentiate ourselves from those who have come before us, and create a standing army that spans multiple alliances, and serves as an important piece of architecture that helps to bind us all together to a common purpose.

The Legion’s sole purpose is passive defense. Their job is to get in harm’s way and protect friendly positions that are under attack (with the idea being that these forces buy us time to mount an aggressive defense and remove the threat from the area). As such, these troops should be optimized around the principles of pure defense.

All League members are asked to provide some formalized mechanism for training and providing aid to new players. If no such formalized program exists, and there is no will or desire to create one, then League members are asked to direct their new players to the SouthLand Sentinels alliance, which has in place a proven, tested, and thriving methodology specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of new players. Councilmen are free to study these methods and reproduce them as they like, in their home alliances.

Absolutely no effort will be made to dictate terms to any member alliance with regards to private treaties made, and the conduct of military operations. Member alliances will absolutely retain the right to conduct their own affairs as they see fit. This is not an attempt to control or stifle. Rather…its purpose is to serve as a structural framework to assist likeminded groups in working together toward common goals.

There will be no expectation of assistance among league members for the purpose of pursuing an offensive war. If a member of the League, in the conduct of its own diplomacy, initiates an offensive war, it falls to each League member to decide for themselves what the appropriate response will be, but in no case will there be any malice or reprisals for failing to assist a fellow League member in the conduct of an offensive war.

That said, the League Council (see Council Duties, below), may, at any point, opt to call for a vote of no confidence with regards to the conduct of any other member of the League. If there is sufficient support for it, the Council can thus expel any member from the League, for conduct, or any other reason they deem to serve the best long term interests OF the League.

There will be full expectation that every member of the League will rally to the aid of every other member of the League in the event of a defensive war (ie – a war that the League did not start, but was forced upon it by some outside agent).

Failure to come to the aid of League Members in such an instance will result in immediate expulsion from the League (though the alliance is free to apply for membership again if they feel they can make the case to the Council that they are worthy of consideration).

League Charter and Area of Operation:
At its formation, the League’s Charter extends only through the southern provinces of Illyria. Specifically, the provinces of Kumala, Azura, Lan Larosh, Farra Isle and Tallimar, and Arran.

The Council may opt to vote to extend and expand this sphere of influence at any time, with a simple majority vote.

Membership into the Iron League is by invitation only. If your alliance is interested in joining, you may send a note to the leadership of the Southland Sentinels to make your desires known, and the request will be evaluated by the League Council.

Note that in order to be considered, your alliance must operate primarily in the area of Illyria covered by the League Charter (see above).

Membership is voted on by existing Council members, and requires only a simple majority. This may be amended at any time by a simple majority vote of the council to some new requirement (two thirds, or some other value as the Council sees fit).

In order to be considered a member in good standing, a member alliance must:
1) Be approved by a majority of votes on the League Council
2) Enter into a state of Confederation with every other member of the Iron League
3) Send a member to the League Hub to represent you on the council, The SouthLand Sentinels, to serve on the League Council.
4) Create a shield device using our shield template, so that it can be placed on the League banner.

The Federation’s Commitment to you:

In addition to offering a state of confederation and the promise of aid in times of trouble, the Federation offers the following advantages and incentives to all its members:

1) We put teeth into our commitment. When you join us, at member alliance request, the League Hub (Southland Sentinels) will put 1M gold on escrow for each alliance member you have in your alliance at the time of your joining. We have no intention of failing to answer your calls for aid, but we offer this sum as…an assurance. Peace of mind to you that we will do what we say we’ll do.
2) Favored Trading Partner Status. Federation members have access to our Hub Presence Map, and as such, may place unlimited orders for resources at any price they see fit. All Federation orders will be filled, regardless of price (yes, even orders with a buy price of 0.001 will be filled). Understand, however, that we’ll fill orders in order of best price to lowest, so an extremely low priced order placed at any of our hubs may take a bit to be filled, depending on demand. Nonetheless, you can rely on our vast production capabilities to help you grow!
3) We have moderate and growing number of players who are specialized in armor and weapon crafting. Our armies are some of the best trained and equipped in the whole of the kingdom, and we’ll happily produce specialty items at discounted rates for all Federation members.
4) Unlimited diplomatic support. If you get into a tight spot, diplomatically, bring it to the council and we’ll pool our resources, find someone with connections in whatever alliance you’re dealing with, and put an expert on the case…you don’t have to go it alone, because as a member of this Federation, you aren’t. It’s as simple as that.
5) Unlimited defensive military support. Again, we don’t get involved in offensive wars, but if someone starts trouble with you, we pledge the full weight of our resources and capabilities to helping you stand up to the aggressor, Anything from passive defense (protecting your cities), to siege breaking, to actively taking the fight to those who mean you harm, we’ll be there with you.

The League Council
The structure of the League Council is simple. Each League Member gets one representative on the council. When League related issues come to the fore, each Council Member gets a vote.

That council member’s vote is “amplified” by the population of the alliance he or she represents:
Councilman’s Vote = (Councilman’s population/8000) + (Alliance pop/10,000).

Note that the way the voting is structured, you actually get more votes by sending a larger, better developed player to represent you than you would by sending a small member, and Councilman population ultimately determines who leads the Council (and garners extra votes).

The voting structure is the way it is such that Council members will have a number of votes that reflect the relative size of their alliance. This is not done as a punishment to smaller alliances, but rather, is an acknowledgement that larger alliances ought to be given their due, and our hope is that it may be an element that fosters strategic mergers among our member alliances.

Number of votes per Councilman is determined at the start of each formal meeting of the council and at the first of each month. These totals will be kept on our public forum for review and complete transparency.

Note that the Council member with the greatest individual population will be named Head of the Council.

The Head of the Council operates exactly as any other council member, except that he gets a 15% bonus to his total number of votes. Alliance leaders are absolutely encouraged to place their Alts with us in this capacity!

Duties of the Council:

The duties of the council shall be these:
1) To vote to approve to extend or contract the League’s area of operation
2) To vote to approve new members into the Council
3) To vote on “no confidence” issues regarding any member’s standing in the community
4) To vote to retain or dismiss members for other reasons, as deemed appropriate by the Council (note that even if a member alliance is dismissed from the council, this in no way means that individual alliance leaders are forced to break confeds with that alliance. One can be a confed and not be on the League Council, but one cannot be on the League Council without being confedded by all members of the Federation).
5) At Alliance Leadership Request (and only in such cases), the Council may be asked to hold a hearing and make a ruling to resolve diplomatic differences between two or more member alliances. In these cases, the parties are free to resolve the issue themselves, but IF either party requests a Council hearing, one will be held to discuss and decide on the matter at hand. Council decisions are binding to the extent that the only recourse a member has for disputing the Council’s decision would be to leave the Council, which would also mean leaving the League. This is ALWAYS an option of any member.

Additionally, the council may come together to discuss any issue and make recommendations to the individual alliance leaders that make up the Federation.

The council does not have any authority to make binding decisions on Federation Members, except to the extent of admitting new members (which, by definition, would mean agreeing to a Confed with the new member).

Feel free to download this shield template to make your shield device. Contact Velociryx via his real world mail (cdhartpence (at) hotmail) when you have your device created, and we’ll update the League banner!


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