On the Illyriad forums, there’s a section for diplomacy where you can log in and create a thread announcing this or that diplomatic initiative, make pronouncements, and so forth, and I suppose I could have done that with [REALM], but when inspiration strikes, sometimes you have to do as our Elven chronicler did, and follow the impulse to see where it leads.

Where will the story go?

Your guess is as good as mine. It’s being driven by actual diplomatic events and other in-game happenings, so there’s really no good way to tell, but since it seems to have struck a chord with folks in the forum, I decided to give it a more permanent home here and make it a formal part of our alliance’s charter and history.

Wherever you read it, I hope you enjoy!

Story and composition by: DeVel’s Workshop
The Folk of Illyriad.co.uk for providing the wonderful game world in which this story is set
Christina Stone – Introduction Vid
Kevin McLeod – Music
Bad Company – Bad Company

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