It’s been a busy day for Velociryx, who today, expressed grave concern for the wildlife in the region.

“Look…we understand that many of the jungle’s creatures can be used in crafting and enchanting items…we get that, and we’re by no means putting a stop to all hunting in the realm…what we are saying, however, is that poachers caught killing and or harvesting inside our sovereign territory will be killed on sight.

It’s our intention to give the wildlife a place to grow in safety, and when we feel the time’s right, we’ll cull the herd ourselves.”

This decision was reached after hearing arguments from the Council of Lords, a newly formed advisory board of land owners on Devil’s Island about fears that all the wild animals might soon go extinct on the island because of rampant, unchecked hunting and a rapidly expanding human population.

“Between the two of us (ed: here, the HighLord refers to himself and his Scribe), we have far and away the largest contiguous landholdings on the island, so it just made sense to locate the preserve here. It’s a joint venture between the two of us, and applicable to the full extent of both territories. The rules are simple…effective immediately, poach, and you risk life and limb. Selected hunting and harvesting permits will be considered, so interested parties should contact us to work out the particulars.”

He told this reporter.

~Nicholas Hanby, reporting for the Blind Scribe

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