Here’s a map of the region, showing my travels to this point.

1) Not knowing how hard overland travel was, I foolishly requested to be dropped on the shores near the City of EastGate, which lies some twenty miles inland. Worst twenty miles of my life, just to get to Vel’s lands.

2) From there, it was west through the jungle to Cerilon, and it was on this leg of the journey, that I learned not to fashion hammocks out of Devil’s Vine.

3) After my interview with Velociryx, he took me on a whirlwind tour of his Realm, through the city of Parthaway, then to Cloudpeak. We didn’t stay in etiher place long, so I only have the barest impressions of them, but I can say that both were busy, bustling places.

4) From Cloudpeak, we skirted the edge of Candle’Bre’s (that’s the name of Vel’s holdings, collectively…The Duchy of Candle’Bre) border, then onto her main center of trade, Kell.

5) After that, it was back north to Cerilon to resupply

6) then on to Dol’Doras on the coast.

7) From there, south to the city of Calimba (bright and boisterous, and filled with song)

8) before arriving at Sutheron, where I took a barge across the shallows to the Horn of Ghedd, and

9) overland from there on the Shimmering Highway to the city bearing that same name, where I borded His Majesty’s Trading Vessle, The Tiger Lilly, which ran aground where I’ve marked the map with an “X”

then 10) back to Kell, where I chanced to overhear Velociryx talking with Felestro Shadewalker.

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