More proof that the Chimera project is working…for the first time since we’ve been tracking such things, there is no stone or iron to be found at any price, anywhere in Kumala.

Each of the three of [REALM]‘s Chimera have two towns now (with the founding of “Hidden Vale,” pictured below), and with the promise of unlimited resources being showered upon them to facilitate rapid building, it’s putting a strain on the entire region. Signs of this are evident everywhere by the eerie lack of traders.

“There’s just none to be found…anywhere in Kumala” Said one trader who wished to remain anonymous. “I get asked by merchants from Devil’s Island multiple times a day, but there’s nothing. Rumor has it that Velociryx has placed orders privately with powerful, independent merchants throughout Kumala, and if true, this could mean limited availability of these two resources in the Kumala region’s open markets for the forseeable future.

When asked about it, Vel had this to say: “Yes, demand is increasing in the region, and The Chimera Project is responsible for a big chunk of that, no doubt. I expect that supply will catch up in time, but until it does, you can expect that what supplies are available on the open market will be more expensive than we’re used to paying here. Unfortunate, but also unavoidable…we have the funds, and we’re paying market rates for the goods.”

In addition to the six towns of The Chimera, Velociryx himself recently founded “The Hermitage,” the ninth town under his direct control. This will, no doubt, place further resource demands on a regional system already struggling to meet it.

“Temporarily,” Velociryx assures us. “Our first goal when developing new towns in this fashion is to get their native resource production up to at least fifty tousand raw resource tons a day (OOC: per hour), so they can stand more-or-less on their own. Even so, with the amount of Prestige we’re dumping into the project, they can spend it faster than they can make it…thus, the shortages for the time being.”

The problem even briefly got beyond the control of Velociryx’s normally extremely organized drovers and quartermasters, as the cities of Calimba and Kell faced temporary food shortages.

“It wasn’t so much a food shortage as an allocation issue…some wires got crossed and two expected grain shipments were delayed. Nobody did more than have a lighter dinner than they were used to, and then, it only impacted two meals…we’re back on track now.” Velociryx told reporters.

And so they seem to be. There’s an economic miracle rising up in the steaming jungles of Kumala, and it’ll be exciting to see what shape it takes as it continues to develop.

** Tylo Ghent posting for The Blind Scribe, stationed in Kumala

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