Today we received news that was both good and bad.

On the one hand, a dear friend of our HighLord’s was bound for other lands, and what can be more exciting than the start of a new adventure?

On the other, Trill’s absence would be sorely missed, and as such, it was a time for a measure of sorrow and reflection.

We threw her a big send-off party and wished her well.

There was much feasting, drinking, and story-weaving that evening, but also, there was a general air of trepidation.

After all, we were at least nominally at war, and there had been reports that the Grand Master of the Alliance Family himself was under siege.

There was some discussion of this matter ’round the table that evening, even though it detracted from the celebratory nature of the gathering.

Velociryx stated our course clearly enough, however, by informing us all that his charter was to tend to the safety and well being of our smaller alliance members, and help them grow strong. He was doing that (thus, the formulation of The Chimera Project), and had a standing offer for unlimited resources and materials should the need arise.

“So…we are, in fact, carrying out the last order we were given, and we shall continue to do so until we are ordered to change course. We’ll be right here, doing what’s expected of us until our friends tell us they have need.”

And that settled it, so we all went about our business.

What I want to tell you about most of all though, is what it’s like to be involved in The Chimera Project, and how it is different from merely being in an alliance and the recipient of various and sundry resources.

When you’re enrolled as we, the members of this first class are, you are sponsored into the alliance, and your sponsor takes full charge of your maintenance and upkeep while you’re in the program. That is to say, he declares himself responsible for you until your “graduation.”

This is compelling, because it gives you a dedicated point of contact to go to with questions and resource requests. Not that any alliance member wouldn’t, or couldn’t help you…they all do. Everyone’s quick to lend a hand andn pitch in as needed, but having a central point of contact for such things is invaluable from a coordinative standpoint.

The whole system is essentially hub-and-spoke, with your sponsor being the resource hub, and your various towns being the spokes on the wheel.

You make a request, and resources are dispatched in the desired quantity, along with whatever Prestige is needed to facilitate a faster build. Both offered up in unlimited quantity until you reach a certain level of self sustainability as determined by the Alliance Leadership.

There are three of us in the current “Pack” of Chimera. Myself, operating out of the township of Haven, Finn, operating out of the town of Uusimma, and Kleo, a fiery redheaded human female of elfin stature but with the heart and courage of a Titan, operating out of Sunrise Castle.

I cannot speak to the experiences of the others, but for me, the effect is nothing short of astonishing.

Hordes of Master Builders and laborers poured into Haven. So numerous were they that we had them sleeping in our citizens’ homes, barns, lofts, and sometimes, on rooftops in an effort to accomodate them all…they literally outnumbered our townsfolk for a while.

The first things to be built were gigantic storehouses, capable of holding many hundreds of thouands of tons of raw materials, and those, I must say, were built with lighting speed.

On completion, the builders left as quiickly as they came, to be replaced by miners and farmers, who expertly began assembling our city’s infrastructure, such that we could begin supporting ourselves.

My sponsor has a total of eight cities, and five hundred sixty caravans.

These caravans have a combined resource capacity of 1,680,000 tons of raw materials in a single load.

They visit no less than three times a month (OOC: for convenience, I’m standardizing around the notion that one game day = one month).

Needless to say, development happens very quickly.

Normally, the paradigm is one full member has one Chimera at a time, but my sponsor (nominally listed as AvidDriver, the GrandMaster of our alliance) is away on business for the alliance family, and Velociryx’s own production is such that he can support two Chimera anyway, which is what he’s currently doing.

Our third pack member, Kleo, is being sponsored by an enormously fat, and quite entertaining Dwarven Lord known only as ‘Machete’. He has forgotten more about Devil’s Island that I will ever know, and as one of the island’s first inhabitants, is among the most decorated and highly regarded members of our alliance.

It has been an exhausting period, but also one of enormous growth and possibility. There are times when I think surely I’ll not be able to keep pace with the incoming torrent of supplies (That’s what they call them too…when they send mass hundreds of caravans loaded to the gills with supplies…a ‘resource torrent’…and it very definitely is!), but things are coalescing at a speed which still astonishes.

I look forward to seeing how things continue to develop in the days and weeks ahead.

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