It has been quite some span of time since our last report from Devil’s Island, although based on what is occurring elsewhere around the nation, missives from a jungle backwater may go entirely unnoticed in any case.

Nonetheless, while these events are not as rousing or globe-shaking as events in the larger, wider world, they are of import to us and ours.

The first bit of news is this: As I, your Humble Scribe, have continued to grow my two settlements under the wing of Velociryx, I have had some talks with the folk in tiny Port Snores, to my west, on the peninsula.

Two weeks ago, the colony was completely vanished!

Every building, cow, chicken, and yes, person, gone as if by magic.

Carved into a tree on the outskirts of where the town once was, was a single word.


This brings to mind (for me, at least), the memory of the strange storm that stranded me here, and may well have been an attempt on my life.

Are the two in some way related?

Unknown at this time, but it is unsettling.

We were preparing to offer to buy the small town in order to better control the peninsula, but now, plans are being laid to claim sovereignty over the region in the small town’s absence.

In other news, we were thrilled to have discovered a new patch of rare herbs growing just north of our HighLord’s city of EastGate!

Troops were dispatched to lay a formal claim over the land and carefully guard and protect it, but at some point not long after our troops departed, rogue Herbalists crept onto the land and stripped it bare, much to our sorrow.

Lacking any evidence about who may have done the deed, there is little we can do, but we feel it represents a huge lost opportunity for us, and as such, is a blow delivered from an unknown quarter.

As for life on the island…mostly unchanged from our last report.

Having greatly increased our size via claiming sovereignty, we are in the process of consolidating those claims, building improvements on the land, and shipping vast quantities of resources to our Chimera, and watching them grow and begin to flourish.

It is a long, winding path we are on, but we mean to continue as best we can, even with the storm of troubles swirling all around us.

When asked direct about the looming nation-wide conflict, Velociryx would say only this: “Most wars are ultimately fought for silly reasons, and this one seems to be no exception. We’ve got no dog in this fight, and I hope it stays that way. I’ve got absolutely no interest in it. Besides, we’ve got more than we can say grace over, right here on our little island.”

~Posting from Devil’s Island, I remain Your Humble Scribe

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