Okay, it’s confession time again. I’m the one who convinced Vel to have the party.

What? You didn’t get an invitation?

Forgive the oversight, and in that case, allow me to explain.

See…it all started with an alliance (that shall remain nameless to protect the “innocent”) and their declaration of war on the grounds of annoyance and boredom.

Velociryx had been brooding about this for quite some span of days, and I was trying my best to introduce some semblence of levity to our usual array of meetings and conferences, which had taken on a decidedly gloomy tone, but, much to my exhasperation, nothing I tried was working!

Try as I might, I simply could not improve the HighLord’s mood.

“It’s the most pathetic justification for a war I’ve ever heard of.” He said darkly. “If they wanted a fight, why not just start one? Drumming up some faux “reason,” then trying to spin it into something with actual merit just seems pathetic to me, I’m sorry to say. It’s a disgrace to the whole idea of diplomacy and intra-alliance dealings. Did these guys get their diplomatic skills from the Harpies? Pfft! I daresay that a drunk nine year old could have done better!”

I had no answers, but I listened to him with a sympathetic ear, and he expounded on his thoughts, and made his general distaste known in great, vivid detail.

At length, and in the middle of listening to his tirade (and, admittedly, on my sixth tankard of Jungle Ale), I hit upon an idea.

“Why not throw an ‘Annoyance Party?’” I said.

“A what?” He looked at me with one eyebrow cocked.

“An annoyance party. Invite people whose opinions of you mean little, or friends with good senses of humor, and have a party with the express purpose of annoying one another.”

“Then what? We…we all get drunk, annoy each other, and? What’s the punchline?”

“Actions have consequences.” I told him with a wink. “After we spend the evening annoying each other, we declare random wars, curse the memories of the children of our newfound frenemies, and duke it out for a while.”

He looked at me perplexed for a long moment. “That’s nuts.” He said at length. “It makes absolutely no sense.”

“Precisely.” I told him. “In other words, it’s a mirror image of the way you feel about our current war.”

At this, he did something quite unbecomming of a HighLord.

He spewed wine through his nose in a mad fit of laughter.

“Love it!” He said as he tried to avoid choking to death.

And that’s how the “Annoyance Party” was born.

We plan to make it an annual event in Cerilon.

Mark your calendars, and if you didn’t get an invite this year, then obviously it’s because we didn’t consider you worthy and were annoyed with you for one reason or another. ;)

~Your Humble Scribe

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